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Contract Manufacturing
in Costa Rica

We can service your needs

The Central American Group’s partner company, NACS, Inc.,  contract manufactures goods to your specifications. 

NACS, Inc. offers a full-service operational platform for companies that seek to capitalize on nearshore advantages by contract manufacturing in Costa Rica.

Nacs, Inc. is composed of a highly experienced team of professionals.

Contact NACS Inc. to tell us about your company’s project.

NACS, Inc. has a Costa Rican facility that is located in the Green Park Free Trade Zone that leverages all of the benefits derived from the highly competitive free trade zone regime that has taken shape in Costa Rica over the last decades. 

Companies that partner with NACS, Inc. for subcontract manufacturing in Costa Rica benefit from the fact that there is no need for them to set up a plant, to file for required permits, to incorporate in Costa Rica, or to recruit and hire personnel with the required skill sets.  NACS makes its customers’ lives easier by taking on responsibility for these critical functions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 

As a member of the Burke Porter Group, NACS, Inc., has experienced in executing world-class manufacturing that spans the Life Sciences Industry.  

Through lean production development, vertical integration, and modular production-building, NACS, Inc. is able to minimize capital investments while providing some of the fastest idea-to-product times in the industry. 

NACS, Inc. offers over 25 years of production-building expertise, an industry-leading machine-building group, best-in-class component suppliers, and a top-tier quality system surpassing ISO, FDA, and EU Pharmaceutical and Medical Device requirements

With over 25 years of production-building expertise, an experienced leadership team, and the most stringent security standards, we offer contract manufacturing spanning the life science industries. NACS, Inc., has established systems that are built to be dependable, reliable, and have included easy-to-use interfaces for our customers’ success. 

Companies that wish to talk to NACS, Inc. about contract manufacturing in Costa Rica should contact the company’s principals by filling out the request for information form found below:

Nearshore manufacturing excellence

With over 25  years of experience in Class I, II, III medical device contract manufacturing and packaging solutions, NACS, Inc. is the vendor of choice to many of the leading global companies. Our capability ranges from the supply of a single component to the supply of Class I, II, III implantable devices.

Access to a Skilled and Highly Educated Labor Force

Students over the age of 15 at Costa Rican colleges and universities will be eligible to participate in the dual-education program.
The  dual education system combines apprenticeships in a company and vocational education at a vocational school in one course.

​Why choose NACS, Inc?

  • Cost-efficiency gains – the cost of operating in-house medical device manufacturing facilities can be prohibitive. Establishing and operating such facilities requires a substantial investment, which restricts your ability to allocate capital to other areas of your business. Working with an experienced contract manufacturer of medical devices is a more cost-efficient production and development strategy.
  • Access to specialist expertise – when you choose to partner with a contract manufacturer of medical devices, you are guaranteed access to a highly experienced, specialist workforce that is familiar with and fully invested in the latest technology and processes. As a result, you do not have to bear the costs of employee recruitment, onboarding, retention, and reward.
  • End-to-end service – a contract manufacturer of medical devices that can offer a complete end-to-end service makes life a lot less complicated. Find a contract manufacturing partner that offers the full range of services, from design for manufacturing through to medical product assembly, as well as packaging, storage and dispatch, and much more, and you will have a perfect solution for all of your medical supplies needs.
  • Increased capacity – market demand can fluctuate, which can put pressure on supply and in-house manufacturing capacity. A contract medical device manufacturer will have the operational capacity to manage changes in order sizes and the storage capacity to hold components and raw materials so that you can quickly and efficiently react to spikes in demand.

We offer a ​simple and profitable option for your company benefit from Costa Rica’s Life Sciences value chain. Ultimately, this would allow our customers to create a presence in Costa Rica to respond and satisfy their end-customer requirements without the added cost and complexity of managing a daunting startup, transfer and operational ramp process.

NACS, Inc. has operations in the Central America Group’s Green Park Free Trade Zone in Costa Rica.  The Free Trade Zone Regime (FTZR) is defined in Costa Rica as a set of incentives and benefits granted by the country to companies making new investments and complying with local requirements and obligations. 

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