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Manufacturing Infrastructure in the Central American Group’s Free Trade Zones

Central American Success Story

Costa Rica – The Green Park

The Central American Group provides the environmentally friendly manufacturing infrastructure that is required to run a successful manufacturing operation in Costa Rica at its Green Park Free Zone.

The Green Park has:

  • Eco sidewalks;
  • A stormwater drainage system;
  • A sewerage collection and disposal system;
  • A rainwater collection system;
  • A redundant water & power supply w/distribution network
  • LED illumination;
  • LEED designed buildings
  • Open green spaces;
  • Ample Parking;
  • An electric car charging station;
  • State-of-the-art communications system;
  • Entrance gate & security.

Costa Rica’s main strength lies in the fact that its manufacturing infrastructure supports the industrial activities of its human infrastructure. 

Costa Rica’s labor force is the most educated in the region.   As a result, the country’s workers have made Costa Rica the home of one of Latin America’s most innovative economies.    Companies researching the possibility of doing business in Costa Rica will find that the country has a literacy rate of 98% for ages 15 and older, and its universities provide a constant supply of STEM graduates.  The country’s educational institutions have developed 23 specialized technical programs to supply both domestic and international companies with qualified labor.

El Salvador – Zona Franca Internacional and Zona Franca San Marcos

The Central American Group owns and operates two free zones in El Salvador.  Each of these locations provides a manufacturing infrastructure that is suited to house light manufacturing and warehousing and distribution operations. 

The Zona Franca San Marcos is comprised of more than 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space under roof.  Its approximately 8,000 workers are occupied in the manufacture of mainly textiles and consumer products. 

The Central American Group’s Zona Franca Internacional, or International Free Zone, provides its occupants a manufacturing infrastructure that can support the needs of companies that are involved in high-volume, low-mix manufacturing operations, as well as in service activities. 

The Zona Franca Internacional is located a convenient fifteen minutes from the country’s international airport and occupies a land area of over 9 million square feet on which upwards of 1 million square feet of manufacturing space has been built.  The site has 40 acres that are available for immediate development.  Features of the manufacturing infrastructure of the Zona Franca Internacional include:

  • A fifteen KVA substation;
  • An on-site water treatment plant;
  • A fiber optics communications system;
  • VOIP services and facilities
  • On-site wells;
  • Container storage areas;
  • Cafeterias
  • A private medical clinic
  • Grocery and convenience stores for the free zone’s employees.

El Salvador Infrastructure 

In 2018, the government of El Salvador has allocated US $6 million to improve the country’s manufacturing infrastructure.   The state entities that are making the investments in road and logistics infrastructure include;

  • The Road Conservation Fund;
  • The Ministry of Public Works;
  • The Autonomous Commission.

Projects that will be executed include the construction of overpasses and the second stage of the highway that extends for the capital, San Salvador, to the Pacific port of La Libertad.  Government funds will also be utilized to modernize the physical infrastructure of El Salvador’s border customs posts that connect the nation with both Guatemala and Honduras.

Tax-Free, Eco-Friendly
Incentives make Costa Rica Unique

The Central American Group provides the environmentally friendly infrastructure that is required to run
a successful manufacturing operation in Costa Rica at its Green Park Free Zone.

Companies that can take up residence in a Costa Rican Free Trade Zone (FTZ) include export manufacturers, research and development firms, as well as suppliers to other companies that have a presence in the FTZ.   These companies can enjoy the standardized tax benefits that the Costa Rican government offers to firms investing in the country. 

The Central American Group’s Green Park is LEED certified.  LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system used in the world.  LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.

In El Salvador, the Central American Group’s two free trade zones were established by pioneers in the sector.  CAG has more than thirty years experience in running FTZs in the country. 

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