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Over the course of its existence, Grupo Maritimo (GM) has successfully provided a wide range of shipping services in Central America and the world.  The company traces its roots back to the 1950s when it began its representation of the Dutch shipping lines KNSM.  The company’s founder, Miguel Flores Senior, was a pioneer in the shipping industry in El Salvador at that time.  Furthermore, when Grupo Maritimo began its operations the company sought to create a comprehensive set of services that would enable those using shipping services in Central America to meet their needs in a one-stop shop.  From its beginnings until today, the company employs more than 200 employees.   Beyond El Salvador, Grupo Maritimo has offices and can service customers in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras

Grupo Maritimo’s comprehensive shipping services in Central America includes expertise in the areas of:

Ships Agents

GM’s experienced personnel has decades of experience in acting as agents for and managing tankers, bulkers, heavy lift, general cargo, and LPG carriers and other ocean vessels that utilize shipping services in Central America.

Shipping Lines Agents

Over the years of its existence, Grupo Maritimo has managed several shipping lines.  It held responsibility for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of its customers, at ports and harbors in Central America and worldwide, on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers. Their Commercial department has allowed to all Principals represented to increased market share on yearly basis.

Marine Operations

Our berth masters, marine advisors and tanker gangs are the most qualified group in all Central American region. This has been confirmed by several audits performed during our decade of operations. Safety and full control of the operations from anchorage to the sailing of vessels with zero incidents is our best presentation card.

Inland transport

GM operates two different fleets.  One is a fully-owned fleet.  It is used to service the needs of the shipping lines with which it works.  The second fleet is based at the ports.  It is a third-party fleet that specializes in short routes such as Acajutla to San Salvador.  GM provides the best turnaround in the market.  Grupo Maritimos yards are completely fenced in and have 24/7 armed security.  CCTV camera coverage is also present.  Finally, GM provides insurance for shippers’ goods while they are in the company’s possession. 

Container Terminal

Our depot located at Acajutla port has an extension of 30,000 mtrs2 providing 24/7 services to the majority of Shipping Lines calling this port. Three side loaders an a tailored software for the operation provides full efficiency of any space and exact localization of the containers that are under our control. Our customer can use our OCY System to track as well as keep their inventory.

Maintenance and Repairs of Container

Certified IICLA, actually operating in three different depots, we provide services to several shipping lines for their needs in dry and reefers units. We are in the capacity to handled M&R at ground or on wheel, depending on the requirements of our customers.

Freight Forwarding

Several large companies from the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America, prefer to use our Services, due to our reputation for excellence in the regional market. Many of them use our direct contact with Shippers or Consignees to grow jointly our volume of cargos. If some parties require special needs like OOG or Project Cargo,  we have an in-house team that is specialized in these areas.


Captains, vessel owners, etc. count with a reliable Shiphandler in Acajutla, Corsain or La Union, our contacts with dozens of suppliers and a well an established distribution route, allow us to make a 24/7 days deliveries of dry or frozen foods, lube oils, hardware, or any other needs that vessels when calling our ports










A Regional Leader

Grupo Maritimo has offices in Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras. 

A Proven Partner

Grupo Maritimo has provided service to its international clientele since the 1950s. 

Shipping Agents

Grupo Martimo acts as ships and shipping agents. 

A Wide Range of Services

The company’s menu of services includes coordination of ground transport and customs procedures. 

Containers and Freight

Grupo Maritimo is at the vanguard of technology for containers and freight. 

Both Coasts

GM offers services to customers on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. 


Drop Us A Line

We are pleased to answer all of your questions regarding Grupo Maritimo and its services. 

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