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About Export & Import in Central America.

Import & Export
El Salvador and Costa Rica

The efficient and cost-effective movement of shipments across international borders is a requisite of companies doing business globally.  The Central American Group (CAG) makes its import-export expertise in Costa Rica and El Salvador available to its customers. 

A failure to file the required import-export documentation and correctly follow defined administrative procedures in El Salvador and Costa Rica can generate delays, fines, and create the risk of confiscation.  This can dissuade companies without expertise in the region from directly participating in commercial exchange.

By partnering with the Central American Group, companies can benefit from the organization’s in-depth knowledge of import-export rules and procedures in El Salvador and Costa Rica.

In addition to making the import-export process a smooth and successful one, Central American Group clients can benefit from its long-term relationships with local and global operators.  The CAG provides a high-quality personalized service that strengthens its clients’ participation in international trade.

Whether your company imports or exports perishable goods, vehicles, consumer or manufactured products, personal property, or machinery, the Central American Group’s import-export specialists in El Salvador and Costa Rica can determine if your cargo should be transported by air, land, or sea. 

The CAG will carry out actions that will guarantee the effective, timely, and incident-free transit of imported and exported goods.  Among other services that the Central America Group provides in the area of import-export operations in El Salvador and Costa Rica are:

  • the investigation of all details related to the issuance of licenses;
  • the confirmation that all loads to be exported are properly packed and tagged;
  • the determination of all issues and restrictions pertaining to government taxes and duties that are related to the import-export of goods to and from El Salvador and Costa Rica;
  • the maintenance of clear and permanent communications with all pertinent carriers;
  • the preparation of all import-export documentation that is required to ship to and from El Salvador and Costa Rica;
  • The acquisition of insurance to protect import-export shipments from losses, damages, and delays.

Import & Export in Central America

The Central American Group provides import & export services that are required to run successful operations in Costa Rica and El Salvador. 

The Central American Group processes the customs paperwork that is required to avoid the levying of duties on items that will be re-exported. 

Costa Rica’s main imports include electrical machinery, motor vehicles and cars, and industrial machinery.  Its main export is medical and technical equipment. 

El Salvador’s main imports include chemicals, machinery and equipment, food, petroleum products, and transportation equipment.  Its principal exports include knit T-shirts and sweaters, electric capacitors, and knit sox and hosiery. 

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