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Grupo Corten

Industrial Real-Estate Development


In 1998 several Salvadoran engineers joined together to found Grupo Corten (the Corten Group).  Today this company is one of the most reputable and reliable commercial and industrial real-estate developers in Central America.  

In addition to its headquarters in El Salvador, the group has offices located in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. As commercial and industrial developers in Central America, the company prides itself on the honesty, integrity, and responsibility that has characterized Grupo Corten since its establishment.

Since its beginnings Grupo Corten has undertaken medium and large- scale projects for international companies, as well as for both public and private sector organizations. Among the activities undertaken by these highly experienced corporate and industrial real-estate developers in Central America are the following:

Industrial Park Development

Grupo Corten is currently developing its Green Park in a free zone that is located just outside of Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. The plan devised by this group of industrial real-estate developers in Central America makes provision for the construction of more than 500,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and will include significant amounts of green space.  As a result of its emphasis on sustainability, The Green Park has achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.


Earthwork services are one of Grupo Corten’s specialties. Over the course of the company’s existence, Corten has used its heavy equipment to move massive quantities of soil and rock, to build terraces, to construct berms and embankments, and to build roads and accesses.


As one of the most reliable corporate and industrial developers in Central America, the Corten Group has designed and constructed urbanizations for both the public and the private sectors. In the process of executing such projects, Corten has duly complied with all applicable laws and regulations and has delivered projects on time and on budget.   Some of the urbanization services that the company has completed include:

  • the introduction of potable water;
  • the installation of sewers and drainage;
  • the drilling of wells;
  • the stabilization of soil;
  • the building of concrete and masonry walls;
  • the construction of domes.

Roadway Infrastructure

Service in this area has been offered by Grupo Corten since the company’s beginnings. Corten has built both dirt and paved roads for both the public and private sectors. Other services provided include:

  • Hot topping;
  • Pothole repair;
  • Cement floor construction;
  • Drainage;
  • Environmental work

As industrial developers in Central America, Grupo Corten also offers its services to businesses that are in agroindustry. The company has constructed dams for aquaculture projects and has conditioned hillsides for drip irrigation projects.

Environmental Mitigation Work

Mitigation work must be of high quality and performed with responsibility and exactitude. Grupo Corten has wide experience in successfully designing and executing projects of this kind. Among the services offered by Corten are:

  • Construction  of gabions;
  • Flood control;
  • Preventative works.


As experienced industrial developers in Central America, Corten has extensive experience installing the infrastructure that is needed for network communications.

Grupo Corten’s staff is multidisciplinary and is capable of executing both small scale and large projects. Specific services offered by the company in this area include:

  • Site selection and permit acquisition;
  • The supply of equipment needed to execute projects;
  • The provision of services to manufacture needed parts and accessories.









Highly Experienced

The Grupo Corten was formed in 1998 by a group of Salvadoran engineers. 

A Diverse List of Clients

Grupo Corten has served a wide range of customers from international organizations to the private and the public sectors. 

Industrial Park Development

Grupo Corten is the developer of the most modern industrial park in Costa Rica: the Green Park. 

A wide range of services

Grupo Corten is experienced in earthworks, roadway infrastructure,  urban developments, environmental mitigation, roadway, and telecommunications projects. 

Construction Machinery

Grupo Corten makes a wide range of machinery available for rent. 

Project Management

Grupo Corten provides site selection services and assistance in acquiring applicable permits. 


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