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Distribution Services in
Central America

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Distribution Services in Central America

Central American Success Story

The Central American Group (CAG) offers strategic locations from which its customers can access distribution services to move their products both locally and within the region. 

CAG distribution services are performed in industrial space at its Salvadoran free zones and The Green Park FTZ in Costa Rica for companies that are seeking an existing infrastructure that allows them to easily place products at the disposal of their customers.    

Should companies require, the Central American Group’s team of professionals can work closely with them to ensure that they receive optimized supply chain solutions to meet their needs with greater efficiency and reduced operating costs.   Distribution services that the Central American Group provides to its customers include:


Take advantage of regional demand by storing products at the Central American Group’s strategic locations to make inventory immediately available to meet demand.    The CAG’s facilities enable its customers to process expedited deliveries or replacement of products at a reduced cost.

Warehouse Kitting and Packaging

Warehouse kitting is the process of taking multiple SKUs and combining them into a package to create one new SKU.   Companies operating in the Central American Group’s free zones in Costa Rica and El Salvador can conduct this operation, as well as packaging, to fulfill their clientele’s unique needs.   Once kitted and/or packaged, customers can use the Central American Group’s distribution services to send the product to the designated recipient.

Order Tracking

Thanks to the Central American Group’s management and tracking systems, it is possible to know the status of customer orders at each stage of the shipping process until they are received in perfect condition at their destination on the scheduled date.

Local and Regional Merchandise Distribution

The Central American Group’s distribution services can deliver its customers’ products where they are needed on time and within budget.  The CAG’s reliable distribution chain, transportation network, and route optimization dispatch customers’ products locally and regionally with speed and flexibility.

Selection, Packaging, Freight, and Billing

With the Central American Group, customers can enjoy a flexible selection, packaging, and dispatch procedure to process all types of orders, regardless of their complexity.  Each individual order is selected, packaged, and dispatched to the final recipient according to customers’ instructions.  Every delivered item has its own invoice and label.

Customs and Import/Export Services

The complexity of international trade should never limit a company’s participation in global commerce.  The Central American Group’s import and export specialists can handle the entire process from start to finish.  With this and CAG’s distribution services your company will be in compliance with all international trade rules and regulations.

CAG Distribution Services

Distribution services provided by the Central American Group (CAG) ensure that products reach target consumers in the most direct and cost-effective manner. 

Although distribution as a concept is relatively simple, in practice distribution management may involve a diverse range of activities and disciplines including detailed logistics, transportation, warehousing, storage, and inventory management.  The Central American Group is able to meet each one of these needs. 

Companies can set up a distribution center through the Central American Group.  A distribution center is a principal part, the order processing element, of the entire fulfillment process. 

The Central American Group’s quality assurance department performs periodic checks of random samples of stock to check quality, including warehouse racking, goods and returned stock. 

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