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Industrial Real-Estate Development in Costa Rica

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About Industrial Real-Estate Development in Costa Rica.

Industrial Real-Estate
Development in Costa Rica

Sustainable Construction and Real-Estate Development

Through its Grupo Corten S.A. de C.V., The Central American Group (CAG) protects the environment through the use of “sustainable” construction and industrial real-estate development techniques at its Green Park Free Trade Zone in Alajuela, Costa Rica. 

Sustainable construction is an approach to industrial real-estate development in which building design is based upon respect for the environment.  Additionally, sustainable construction meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.

In its industrial real-estate development and sustainable construction at the Green Park Free Zone in Costa Rica, Grupo Corten S.A. de C.V. maximizes the Central American Group’s:

  • Use of building materials with a low carbon footprint. In industrial real-estate development, construction can lead to the emission of large amounts of carbon.  The source of this carbon can be from either high energy manufacturing processes or because the building materials that are used must be transported a long distance to their point of use.  Grupo Corten S.A. de C.V. makes every possible effort to source the materials that it uses in local markets;
  • Utilization of solar energy. The Central American Group’s Grupo Corten can engage in sustainable construction and industrial real-estate development that takes advantage of the sun’s energy.  Solar energy is both limitless and free, and it creates less pollution and reduces carbon emissions, as well;
  • Use of natural light. Industrial real-estate development that is based upon the design of buildings that let in a large amount of natural light can both reduce energy costs and increase sustainability.  The Central American Group’s Grupo Corten makes the most of the use of natural light at its industrial real-estate development at the Green Park Free Zone in Alajuela, Costa Rica.
  • The recycling of rainwater. The Green Park Free Zone industrial real-estate development in Alajuela, Costa Rica captures rainwater and uses it to supply its buildings’ bathroom facilities.

Other benefits that are reaped when industrial real-estate development is based on sustainable construction practices include:

  • Cost savings. For example, the reduced use of water and electricity will result in a reduction of costs;
  • Health benefits. The use of materials that are eco-friendly also benefit the health of employees at facilities that are built to be environmentally sustainable;
  • Positive public relations. Companies that operate in an industrial real-estate development such as the Green Park Free Zone project a favorable public image.  They are communicating to their customers that they see environmental protection as a top priority.

Those wishing to learn more about sustainable construction techniques used at the Central American Group’s Green Park Free Zone can drop us a line by filling out the form below:

Benefits of Industrial Real-Estate Development in Costa Rica

When a company is seeking to establish a manufacturing facility that has high-quality output, excellent tax incentives, and lower costs there is no better option for industrial real-estate development in Costa Rica. 

The ultimate goal of Grupo Corten’s industrial real-estate development services is the full satisfaction of the client’s demands for a viable project both in terms of functionality and cost.

Industrial real-estate development is a critical component of the Costa Rican supply chain that keeps goods moving from makers to market. 

Industrial real-estate includes all land and buildings either utilized or suited for industrial activities.  These include production, manufacturing, assembly, and warehousing and distribution. 

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