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Core Values

What is important to us

Our Core Values

The Central American Group (CAG) aims to be the region’s premier provider of manufacturing infrastructure, third-party logistics, and industrial real-estate solutions.  The organization aims to not only to be  a service provider but also to be its clients’ highly trusted strategic business partner


We deal with all of those with whom we do business with a high level of integrity.


Professionalism guides all of our actions.


Everything that the Central American Group is done for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the service that it delivers to its customer base.


The CAG realizes that each of its clients has its own set of requirements.  That being the case, the Central American Group maintains flexibility to address each of its customer’s unique needs. 

Social Responsibility

The Central American Group feels that it is necessary to give back to the communities of which it is a part. 

Social Responsibility

The Central American Group (CAG) believes that it is its responsibility to serve individuals and communities of limited economic resources. 

Projects that are undertaken by the CAG are executed for the purpose of helping people to meet their basic needs in order to enjoy an improved quality of life.  The Central American Group promotes projects in which all staff participate as well as supports individual employees in their effort to do good in their communities.  

Children’s Days

Every year employees of the Central American Group take part in children’s days at local medical facilities.  As an example of this, CAG staff recently participated in an event at the National Hospital for Children (Benjamin Bloom) in San Salvador,  El Salvador.  During a visit to the facility, CAG management, and staff distributed toys and sweets to the hospital’s young patients. 

Annual Christmas Party

Each year the Central American Group hosts a Christmas party for children in the communities in which they operate.  Youngsters attending the party receive gifts and a special meal paid for and served by CAG staff members. 

Assistance to Fernanda Quezada

The Central American Group helped to defray the costs of treatment for leukemia for Fernanda Quezada at the Benjamin Bloom National Hospital for Children in San Salvador.  As of now, she is cancer free and under the supervision of medical personnel. 

Assistance to Luis Martinez

The CAG provided assistance to the family of Luis Martinez.  Luis suffered from strabismus (lazy-eye syndrome).  Today Luis is healthy and in school.  His visual problems have been totally corrected. 

Assistance to Lucrecia Alas De La O

Ms. De La O is 79 years old an suffers from a number of age-related infirmities, in addition to rheumatoid arthritis.  Today she receives assistance from the Central American Group for the purpose of purchasing much-needed medicine as well as for the treatment of her arthritis.   Assistance in addressing these health issues has resulted in an improvement in her quality of life. 

Assistance for Javier Lopez

Javier suffers from cerebral palsy and received assistance for his medical situation, as well as for life’s necessities.   Due to the adverse conditions in his hometown, Javier has emigrated to the United States with his family. 



We care about the environment.

The Central American Group’s Green Park

The CAG’s Green Park in Costa Rica has been built from the ground up to be ecologically friendly and sustainable.  The Green Park was conceived for the purpose of allowing tenants to grow their businesses while minimizing their environmental impact.  The Central American Group believes that its emphasis on sustainability will improve the quality of life of workers as well as of the community at large.   Green areas within the park not only protect biological diversity but also serve as recreational areas.

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