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 El Salvador is a regional hub

El Salvador is a regional leader in the plastics industry.  Contact us for more information. 

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Plastics Industry Overview

The Plastics Industry in El Salvador

The plastics industry in El Salvador is a dynamic one.  Among the sectors that it has linkages to are food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and textiles and clothing.  In recent years, the growth of the plastics industry in El Salvador has outpaced that of the national economy as a whole by expanding at an annual rate of 4%. 

The plastics industry in El Salvador is one of the most important sources of the country’s exports.  In 2017 plastic items were the second most important class of manufactured goods sold overseas.  Shipments were valued at approximately US $368 million dollars.  This constituted 6.4% of the country’s total exports to foreign markets.  The only other items that surpassed plastic products In this realm were knit or crochet clothing and accessories.

Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are recipients of almost 70% of Salvadoran plastics exports In addition to these three countries. Other significant customers of the plastics industry in El Salvador are Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States, as well as Asian Countries.  These include South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Among the products that the plastics industry in El Salvador manufactures are container preform, plastic bags, disposable plastic items, plastic labels, flexible wrapping material, bottles, flasks, hoses, furniture, and plastic articles for the home.    

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Plastics Industry Outlook

In El Salvador, the plastics industry is divided into two segments: packaging and household items.  Packaging companies have consistently invested in new technologies and have become Central America’s leader in the production of a wide range of products. 

Companies in El Salvador are committed to producing better and environmentally friendly plastic packaging.  Because of this, eco-friendly equipment and green technology are in high demand. 

El Salvador’s plastic packing industry has been the target of recent growth and will create notable opportunities for exporters.  Packaging machinery for use in El Salvador is largely provided by US manufacturers. 


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